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Data Recovery 

Data, photos and many personal or office information is being stored on potable to desktop computers. We will recover these data if you system fail to boot or will transfer these to new computer. We are able to recover data from the most extreme cases of hard drive failure or virus attack.

 We will examine your existing hardware (for free) and will inform you of the evaluation results and an estimate to recover your data with a written quotation for your approval.

We will recover and returned the data on a CD, DVD or USB drive or any other media of your choice or via our dedicated FTP.

PC Repair & Restore    

We provide wide varieties of services from at home teaching software upgrade your PC, repair or recover your data including

v  Home teaching software use

v  Windows 7 upgrade & clean installation

v  Onsite (house) PC Services

v  At home Data recovery

v  Desktop & Laptop troubleshooting

v  Upgrading Software or PC hardware

v  Virus Removal and Data recovery

v  Setting up home/office wireless networking

v  Wireless Troubleshooting & Configuration & internet connectivity issues

v  Adding multiple Screen to existing PC

v  Email Setup

Contact us for detailed information, pricing & free consultation.