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Manuscript Review

We examine the structure and data and provide feedback on whether your MS is suitable for publication or needs review.
We review your manuscript Grammar and Punctuation and spelling errors.

We provide feedback and advice on journal selections and publishing and help you to provide feed back to the editor and associate editor.

Manuscript Review Details
Recommendation to select a Journal
We Verify and evaluate if the content is well organized, and if the topics suit the journal mandatre and objectives
Help to summarized the information in order ttto prepare and abstract or conclusion

Data analysis and presentation of result

We examine your tables, graphs and figures and verify if the data is analyysed properly and appropriate and ias ligned with Journals policy and guideline.

Data interpretation

We examine your results and help you to interpreret your data. We also provie simple or advanced data analysis and prepare tabel and graph for your Manuscript.

Bibliography and References

We examine your references within the work, and verify that the text is supported by appropriate documentation that will further assist the reader.

The Revisded manuscript will be delivered to you in typed notes via e-mail, and we can also arrange a brief telephone consultation for any questions that you might have.

Contact us for detailed information and pricing & free consultation.