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Statistics, Data Analysis and Interpretation of Data

Statistics & Data Analysis
We offer extensive statistical analysis for parametric and non-parametric data, including development and construction of tables and interpretation of data for individuals (students), research institutes, laboratories, market research, universities, pharmaceutical companies, government agencies, etc. 

Powerfully Analyze and Present Your Ideas

 Our expertise will provide traditional, simple analysis of variance or sophisticated statistical reports in order to help you and your organization make the right decisions.

 We perform a wide range of services including consultation on experimental design,  set up protocol and perform statistical analysis, including simple analysis of variance, regression analysis to more advanced methods like categorical data analysis, multivariate analysis, co-variance, orthogonal polynomial, multiple regression and correlation, cluster analysis, and nonparametric analysis. 

 We offer tools for visualizing your data to uncover trends, differences, outliers in order to understand the results and we even interpret the results for you along with one, two or three way tables, graphs and charts for your presentations.

Private Tutur and lesson in Statistics, Data Analysis and Interpretation of Data

We offer an introductory data analysis course for those that have had an introduction to descriptive statistics, probability distributions, estimation, hypothesis testing and confidence intervals along with setting up an experiment and the use of experimental design including block design, completely randomized design, latin square, split plot, etc. Topics will also include linear and nonlinear regression, co-variance analysis, and nonparametric methods.